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What is Tokeportal?

Our vision is for Tokeportal to be an information hub and efficient marketplace for both the local and regional start-up community. We provide a readily available form of financing with simple but regulated processes for early-phase small and medium-sized companies, as well as an opportunity for the crowd to invest small amounts of capital in local and regional enterprises without taking too much risk.

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Kanapé Pitch is Tokeportal’s own content, which is not press-released.

We aim to bring the most important news affecting the stratup ecosystem to as many people as possible in a single broadcast.

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Equity-based campaigns

Fishinda - Fishing app and marketplace cover

Equity based campaign

Fishinda - Fishing app and marketplace

Fishinda is a community of people who love angling. We are now raising funds to further develop our popular mobile app, social network and marketplace and to expand internationally. Invest in the future of fishing and make it one of the greatest catches of your life!

Minimum funding target

100,000,000 HUF

250,000 EUR

Equity offered

7.69% - 14.29%

Valuation (pre-money)

1,200,000,000 HUF

3,000,000 EUR


59 persons

25.6% - 24 days left
Cristo the Drivers' superAPP cover

Equity based campaign

Cristo the Drivers' superAPP

In recent years, Cristo has become an app that makes car usage more convenient, and we want to bring its services to the international market. This campaign aims to maintain our recent dynamic growth and prepare for our first foreign launch.

Minimum funding target

100,000,000 HUF

238,095 EUR

Equity offered

4.98% - 7.29%

Valuation (pre-money)

1,908,032,129 HUF

4,542,934 EUR


106 persons

48.1% - 3 days left

Closed stage


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Brancs cover

Equity based campaign


Brancs is Hungary's first reward based crowdfunding marketplace, where a wide variety of ideas, products and services become reality! It was founded by entrepreneurs for the entrepreneurs of the future, for those who want to take an idea and bring it to market.

NekedTerem cover

Equity based campaign


NekedTerem is a love brand that has been at the service of people who love quality ingredients and domestic producers. Our goal is to build a franchise system with which we would achieve five times our current sales revenue in 2 years. Let's work together for a helathier and more stable future!


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