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Raising capital

TokePortal.com is an equity crowdfunding platform, where startups can raise capital to reach their goals.

Social media and marketing

Both wide publicity and the online marketing activity of the Portal will increase a startup’s potential when advertising its products and needs.

Constant support

It is part of our mission to provide constant support in the education of startup teams, and in the proper design and successful execution of campaigns .

Regulated and supervised process

During the campaign, investments are wired to an independent custodian account. The campaign owner will gain access to the funds raised only after the campaing has successfully closed and the shares have been issued.

Business Development

As an important cornerstone of the regional startup-ecosystem, we cooperate with carefully selected consultants who provide tailored advice on how to be successful in crowdfunding. Our experts are at the service of the campaign owners after registration and identification on our platform.

Success fee-based business model

TokePortal.com recieves a fee after successful campaigns, which amounts to 6-7% of the total capital raised. Starting a campaign has only minor fixed costs.


Learn more about how equity crowdfunding works at Tokeportal!


Crowd investing campaigns can be launched by companies that are suitable for investment. Our mentoring program helps you prepare your business plan, including the funding target of your campaign.. Start your own business, write your own success story. We support the campaign preparation process, but it can take several months.

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