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Would you like to know more about crowdfunding as a capital increase option?  Downloadshort introduction or visit our FAQ section. In our blog, you can find the latest news and updates about the crowdfunding market, but more importantly,’s events are listed there. From time to time we have international experts @ our ‘Sofa pitch series’. Do not miss out on the opportunity to get to know us better! We greatly appreciate it if first and foremost you look around and read the material provided, and afterward, initiate contact with us.

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After completing the questionnaire, please proceed to download our NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and the campaign information sheet. Please read the following with careful consideration. Upon reading the information given, please kindly proceed to sign the non-disclosure agreement electronically, and send it back to: When our team has viewed and processed your application, we will get in touch with a consultation time for the initial meeting. Please know, until the campaign initiation contract is signed by both parties, there are neither any obligations, nor any costs binding you legally.


The consultation time and place will be given based on your availability and request. Should you decide to launch a campaign with us, we will progress to the next stage with you, which consists of the following tasks. You will be sent the campaign initiating contract, which will need to be signed and sent back to us both electronically and physically. Every campaign has certain compulsory campaign documentation including, a OnePager, a Business Deck, a Financial Plan extended to 5 years and information on the campaign movie as well. These documents will be also forwarded along with the contract. Please be aware, that all the campaign documentation and including any and all communication will be required in Hungarian and in English. Meanwhile, the team will be conducting HR, legal and online audits for your business, prepare and support you in every possible manner on the way.

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Preparing for a campaign launch takes approximately 1 to 3 months and the campaign itself runs for about 2 months. Should you decide to proceed with the campaign, please allocate up to 5 months’ time dedicated to your campaign. The raised capital will be accessible once the campaign has been officially closed. Only businesses in the form of ZRT (LTD) will be able to launch a campaign, however we lend help with the process. In addition to the costs of forming an LTD, there is roughly 100- 200K HUF cost of the campaign itself, including the fixed charge of’s services. There are no unforeseen or extra costs with, we only charge commission on top of the fixed prices, if the campaign is successful.


After completing all the information required above, please visit our website:  and register. Should you need any help with the registration, or customer service team will be more than happy to assist you, via our live chat option. Please note that the customer service team is only available during working hours. The registration process takes up to 8 minutes, it requires authentication of the persons, in the form of a presentation of the ID card, and proof of address. Please get a line on our processes in advance by reading all the material and looking through our website.

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