The conditions of capital raising at Tokeportal.com comply with the regulations of private placement.

New startup’s often encounter problems when seeking initial financing. Funds that may be acquired from friends, family and acquaintances are usually very limited whilst seeking financing from banks and financial institutions is difficult and costly for new companies. In this stage a crowdfunding campaign can be a particularly good choice for the company. Crowdfunding campaigns have the ability to reach a multitude of potential investors. In addition to facilitating the acquisition of capital, crowdfunding is the only form of financing that significantly promotes client acquisition, sales, and communication with clients. These outcomes strengthen the brand and aide in the development of relationships with our customers.

Equity-based crowdfunding helps economically sustainable, early-phase small and medium-sized companies raise capital efficiently while simultaneously building brand awareness and generating sales. Companies usually require capital in the range of ten million forints to one million euros. Online crowdfunding campaigns usually last for 45-60 days and are considered successful once their funding target has been reached. Investors receive shares in exchange for providing finances/capital. According to international best practices, those campaigns can launch successful campaigns, which are already in the market, possess all the necessary competences and have a strong online presence. Both B2B and B2C companies can be successful crowdfunders.


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Online crowdfunding is an effective and innovative (alternative) financial technology service, featuring an easy web-shop style process for crowdfunding projects and startups through online campaigns. The crowdfunding platform constitutes a marketplace for investors and campaign initiators in this process. Unlike the traditional forms of financing, which include a higher investment amount from one or several sources, through crowdfunding one can raise small amounts of money from a large number of people, the crowd. During the several months long campaigns, investors can pose questions to campaign initiatorsand learn about the operation of the companies.



Added value and efficient funding

Crowdfunding is an efficient method for raising capital: it incentivizes a crowd of investors to make quick investment decisions. It also provides entrepreneurs with an online platform for marketing and capital acquisition. One may invest as little as a few tens of thousand forints. During the campaign the customers may be converted to investors and investors to customers.

Experienced Team

Based on valuable experience gained through five years of preparatory research we believe the implementation of the international and national regulations of crowdfunding will provide stable framework for crowdfunding to gain momentum in Hungary.

No sunk costs

Raising capital at Tokeportal.com involves only modest fixed costs and success fees.

Mentoring Program

Our mentoring and incubation program connects campaign initiators with our professional team who provide support regarding potential legal issues, business development and online communication.

Startup Ecosystem

Tokeportal.com strengthens the business community by building a network of connected investors and campaign initiators. Building the community is both our mission and an investment. Interconnectivity between investors and campaign initiators facilitates an efficient division of tasks and secures the long-term active presence of key players

Crowd of Investors

We provide simpler and faster processes for raising capital from a larger investor base. Registered investors on our platform include everyday investors, business angels and institutional investors.


The processes of crowd investing and launching a campaign at Tokeportal.com


Crowd investing campaigns can be launched by companies that are suitable for investment. Our mentoring program helps you prepare your business plan, including the funding target of your campaign.. Start your own business, write your own success story. We support the campaign preparation process, but it can take several months.

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Team of experts


Our vision is for Tokeportal to be an information hub and efficient marketplace for both the local and regional start-up community.

Tokeportal shall become a leading CEE crowdfunding service provider that creates startups and investors’ primary & secondary markets. The value we create for our shareholders lies within the fundraising brand: we are working to make Tokeportal a startup-lovebrand, an information centre, a fundraising tool & a validation hub. We want to brand ourselves by the startups that get crowdfunded successfully & become publicly listed companies, and by our contribution to a crisis-resilient, competitive, and transparent economic growth.


Our vision is for Tokeportal to be an information hub and efficient marketplace for both the local and regional start-up community.

Our mission is to democratise access to capital. We are creating an investment marketplace where startups and SME’s can acquire funding, which in turn will increase the number of publicly listed companies in the future. By educating the crowd to invest well and incubating startups to fundraise successfully, we aim to improve financial literacy, and popularise digital finance to boost the entry of dormant capital into the economy.



Tokeportal.com does not match investors with project owners, nor does it engage in asset management.

Investors shall transfer the amount invested to a custodian account. Investors receive shares in exchange for their investments.


After a full and completed registration, investors will be able to acquire a stake in the selected businesses online.


Those who want to invest and seek capital are linked through our online interface.


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