The process of crowd investment through tokeportal.com


Registration at the platform

Register as an investor: sign up with your e-mail address, Facebook- or LinkedIn-account.


Profile validation

Validate your profile by filling in your personal data and uploading the required documents. In order to get investor status, upload your bank account statement (it is enough to show the header of the statement; the balance and transactions may be occluded) and complete our entry knowledge test.



Investment in campaigns

After you have authenticated your identity and acquired investor status, you can select the campaigns that match your interests. Read all the uploaded information, join the forum and ask questions. You can indicate your (revocable) preliminary intent to invest by clicking on the invest button. You will have to wire an advance payment to the indicated custodian account of the Campaign Initiator. Until the end of the successful campaign neither the company, nor Tokeportal.com has control over the transferred amount. At the same time as increasing capital, you will receive your shares on your securities account.


At the end of the campaign

On the last day of the Campaign, Tokeportal.com will notify you about the success of the campaign. In case the Campaign is successful, you will have to transfer the difference between the already paid advance payment and the indicated amount of your investment, which action constitutes a final declaration of commitment.


Follow up on your investment

In case of a successful campaign, you will receive your shares to your securities account. Please contact your bank/investment service provider to provide the subcustodian’s credentials so that we can help organize the transfer via the sub-custodian chain. Follow the activities of the company and please drop a line if you can contribute to the company’s success.


How to Crowd Invest at Tokeportal

Who can launch a crowdfunding campaign through Tokeportal.com?

Any identified person of legal age can invest in crowdfunding campaigns, who accepted the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy of the portal. One’s investment may equal the minimum investible amount (which is determined in the Term sheet) or any multiple of it. The minimum investible amount might be a few thousand…

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After investment

Once a campaign is closed successfully, Tokeportal.com provides help in issuing the shares. You receive shares on your securities account proportionately to the amount of your investment .

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Refunding your advance payment

In case you indicated your intent to invested in a campaign, which could not reach its minimum funding target during the campaign period, you receive back the amount of your investmentadvance payment.

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Which is the smallest amount one can invest?

Campaign Initiators determine the lowest investable amount before launching their campaign. This amount may vary from campaign to campaign and can range between a few thousand HUF and several tens of thousands. Usually it is defined based on the funding target and the number of shares to be issued.

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Investment in the campaigns

Once your investor profile has been validated, you can browse the investment opportunities. With a validated profile you can have access to further functions at the webpage of the campaign. You can pose questions directly to the Campaign Initiator and you can download the disclosed documents. If you find a campaign that you like, just…

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Setting your investor profile

On our portal you can choose from four different profile types. The ideal profile type for you depends on whether you would like to invest as an individual or an institution. We require different documents and information from each type of profile for validation. You can read about these in more detail at the Profile…

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Registration at the portal

In order to be entitled to create a campaign or invest, and to access specific information on the platform, one needs to register and validate his/her profile first. The registration and identification processes take only a few minutes. You can register with your e-mail address, Facebook- or LinkedIn-account. In order to initiate transactions (launch a…

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Who can invest through Tokeportal.com?

Both individuals and institutions can register as investors at Tokeportal.com. As an individual, if you are above the legal age and you possess the data, which is required to validate your profile, you can start investing through the portal. Be careful, be aware that you are risking your money and do not expect quick realization…

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