and to get access to all documents incl KIIS in order to be able to place a revocable interest for investment.

TP Reg Flowchart_v2

We help you in the chat window!

Step 1.

Register with your private email address or your Facebook/Linkedin profile. Then please fill in your personal data, including possibly your profile photo and a short intro about yourself (1-2 sentences)

Step 2.

Following the instructions, please upload a photo of your identity card and proof of your address. The system, powered by SumSub, verifies your identity in a few minutes.

Step 3.

Having been notified that you are a verified user, please fill in your Investor Profile by answering 11 short and simple questions. The system does not let you submit wrong answers.

Step 4.

If you find a campaign you are interested in, you can indicate your interest by paying a deposit, which is equivalent to 25% of the amount of your total investment, to the custodian account. You can pay it by credit card (via Stripe) or via bank transfer. You will be notified through an email including all credentials.

Step 5.

Open or upload your securities account statement. Please make sure your service provider has a Hungarian partner through which we can transfer your shares to your account.

Step 6.

In case of a successful campaign, the remaining 75% shall be paid via bank transfer in accordance with the emailed information. If the campaign ends unsuccessfully, your prepayment will be refunded.

Step 7.

Your shares will be credited to your account within 10-14 weeks after the campaign’s successful close.