Meet our investors!

In this series of posts, we are introducing investors active on our Platform

Meet Christian Berecz!

Christian Berecz, who got his degree in business law from the University of Vienna, started his career in the startup ecosystem by founding and then in 2018 joined the e-ticket marketplace Tickething, where he had the opportunity to learn more about electronic fraud and the technologies designed to combat it, including SEON. 📊 Krisztián joined SEON as Global Business Development Director 2 years ago, where he supports clients such as Air France, Afterpay and OTP Bank.
SEON is known to be one of the most successful startups today, co-founded by Bence Jendruszák and Tamás Kádár, who worked on a joint project back in 2016. Since its founding in 2017, it has more than 80 employees in Budapest, London and Austin, and earlier this year closed Hungary’s largest Series 💵 investment around of €10 million led by Creandum. Krisztián is also keen on the development of the Hungarian startup ecosystem and the expansion of fundraising opportunities for startups, which is why he invested in the Tokeportal.

Meet Robert Byssz!

Robert Byssz is Head of Transformation at Rohlik Group that owns several brands like, 🥐 As a former Head of the global startup program at Philips, Robert gained outstanding expertise in startups diligence and mentoring.
📈 As a venture builder, Robert establishes strong innovation focus and success-orientation but with humour and entertainment to ensure the attraction of talent. This approach made his work successful and this is what he suggests to his mentees. Robert shares the vision and agrees with the core values of the strategy of Tokeportal and confirmed it with his investment.

Meet Viktor Deri!

💰 Starting my career at the conjunction of IT and finance, I managed bank-owned investment service companies (Budapest Bank, CIB, MFB) active in the Hungarian securities market in the 1990s. I also had multiple positions as chairman/member of several organizations in the field of securities exchange aiming at the development of the domestic capital market. Since the 2000s, I have been involved in the development of the domestic venture capital market as part of the state’s initiative.
📊 During my 12 years in the venture capital market, I have gained outstanding experience in the operating conditions, opportunities, problems, and investor expectations of the Hungarian SME sector, as well as in the selection of appropriate target companies and the specific characteristics of venture capital investments in the sector.
Crowdfunding can be used to raise capital at a lower cost. 😃 As an investor, decisions can be made based on simpler rules, and shorter historical data. To mitigate the risk of investment, diversify your capital into multiple projects.

Meet Andrea Dintser!

Andrea Dintser, Head of the Women’s Leadership Club of the Hungarian Business Leaders’ Association (MVÜK), Founder and Head of the marketing and communications agency
🗣 She is a passionate communicator and networker. Her goal is to support companies and their leaders to articulate and tell their stories, strategies and missions in order to help them effectively achieve their goals.
🌎 She has 25+ years of professional and leadership experience as a specialist at PwC and KPMG in Hungary, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe, and in the international market.
For 10+ years she led 19 countries as Director of Marketing, Communications and Knowledge Manager at KPMG in Central and Eastern Europe.
She has been leading the MVÜK Women Leadership Club for 4 years. Her personal strategy focuses on supporting women leaders, women entrepreneurs and women-led startups. She also plays an active role in the mentoring teams of Design Terminal and Tokeportal.
“I invested in the Tokeportal campaign because I have been following the work of Nóra Szeles and her team for years. They work with vision, dedication and unparalleled resilience to realise this excellent idea.”

Meet Peter Felfalusi!

Peter Felfalusi is the CEO of Intrum Zrt. and during his nearly two-decade career, he has introduced the company to the TOP50 most profitable Hungarian companies in the growth journey. 📈 Prior to that he spent 4 years in the investment market and he has maintained his interest in the investment market ever since, and that’s how he got involved in the Tőkeportál campaign and the RECASH mobile app #crowdfunding. For Peter, supporting 💶 financial start-ups is very important, so he focuses most of his investments in this area and considers it a mission.

Meet Jean Christophe Font!

Jean Christophe Font is a Swiss strategic consultant at Kinetic Consulting Ltd and a business angel investor who has extensive corporate international experience at accompanying business, teams and leaders to flourish, in Human Resources senior leadership roles in automotive, 🩺healthcare, food and beverage. He acquired these skills at multinational companies such as Nestle, Bayer or Groupe PSA.

JC recently transitioned to strategic consulting to give back his experience to a large range of businesses. He developed a genuine interest at supporting start-ups and realized then the importance of securing sufficient funding at the start to help big ideas to materialize, but also mentoring their founders. 😎 That’s why he became angel investor at Bindr, a UK based start-up founded by two Hungarian innovators, and #Tokeportal ’s own crowdfunding campaign.

Meet Sandor Kathi!

Sandor Kathi is an advisor and project manager in the field of business intelligence (BI) and data warehouses. In the recent years, Sandor has lead successfull projects with leading companies in the 🚗 car industry, 🔋 in the energy sector and 💊 in the pharmaceutical industry. Personal development and continuos learning is of central importance to him, so is Sandor always looking for new challenges to broadening his horizons, so that from what he learns, he’ll be a better expert and investor, too. Investing on and in Tokeportal serves his purpose to diversify his portfolio with more profitable items and to get more involvement into #startups.

Meet Miklos Mohai!

👨‍🎓 I have a degree in economics and horticulture. Twelve years ago I joined the family office associated with Csaba Lantos and today I am the head of asset management. Our investment portfolio is well diversified. 🩺 It is made up of healthcare or early stage life science (start-up) investments, financial investments and some engineering industry companies as well . We have been minority investors in Tokeportal since the beginning, continuously helping the start-up not only with investments but also with advice. I also got involved in Tokeportal’s own campaign, because at last Tokeportal is a transparent and accessible link between Hungarian small investors and innovative domestic startups. 😎

Meet Zoltan Sipos!

As the founder of the marketing agency Kreatív Kontroll Kft. I work as a strategic consultant and interim marketing manager in several companies. 📊My professional opinion is that due to digital technology the traditional advertising model is disappearing and interactive communication is the key to success. So is the communication and marketing profession fragmenting into separate disciplines and many freelancers are emerging who are no longer attracted by traditional agencies. So in the future we will work with professional communities rather than complex agencies. 🧠This will lead to a revaluation of the work of marketing strategists and project managers. Tokeportal is also targeting an existing market with a new business model, which is why I felt I definitely wanted to become one of its investors.

Meet Szabolcs Szakacsits!

💻Szabolcs Szakacsits is an angel investor and the founder of Tuxera, a market leader in IT storage and network transmission technology. He studied mathematics and computer science at the University of Szeged. 🚗 Tuxera’s systems are used to on-board systems in cars, on several Mars missions and in other space vehicles, submarines, and in solutions where hundreds of PB of data need must be processed very fast., the leading online financial portal in Hungary ranked it among the top 10 acquisitions of 2021 when Tuxera acquied HCC Embedded Ltd., also active in embedded systems and data storage. Szabolcs was previously a senior consultant at Ericsson and a senior software engineer at Finnish cybersecurity company F-Secure. ✈ After his years in Finland, he returned to his hometown Nagykanizsa, where he lives with his family.
With his investments, Szabolcs focuses on space technology, deeptech, health technology, biotechnology and fintech. He believes in the importance of the Hungarian startup ecosystem, which is why he joined the Tokeportal campaign as one of the first investors.

Meet Laszlo Vago!

Laszlo Vago graduated Cum Laude with a degree in economics at Campbell University in 1992. Then, he successfully completed a degree in International Business at Budapest Business School, followed by an International Executive MBA at Purdue University in the US. 🏢 He started his career at Telekom, in 2005 he organized the real estate services in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom Immobilien, later Strabag PFS, which after several restructurings became NEO Property Service Zrt. in March 2019, and has become the leading real estate operator/provider in Hungary.
🎾 He is a member of the Board of the Tennis Federation, based on his previous achievements as a top tennis player, and an active member of the domestic and international contemporary art scene.

Meet Barbara Vero!

After 18 years at Nestlé (including 8 years as a board member), I have had the opportunity to get to know a lot of #startups through my own consultancy firm focusing on the development of individuals, teams and organisations. Nowadays I work as a mentor in almost all Hungarian incubators and accelerators. 🏫 Besides mentoring I teach master’s and MBA students at the Metropolitan University. In addition to my professional responsibilities, I am a happy mother of 2 grown boys. I am also trying to be a successful angel investor. Firstly I joined the Women Business Angels association and more recently HUNBAN. In these organisations I represent 3 core values and I am working on their implementation: screening and developing the knowledge and skills of founders, preparing the organisation for growth and last but not least recognising the importance of women leaders. I always look for talent everywhere. Luckily my HR background and years of experience help me a lot in founding the bright talents. 👩‍🦰 As an angel investor I also believe it’s important to have female investors in the ecosystem. #Crowdfunding can serve this purpose well. I invested in Tokeportal because of the ecosystem development and I am happy to see how docile and mentorable their team is.