Complaints handling rules


1. The process of complaints handling

2.1.Eligibility and recording



2. Closure of complaint

3. Subsequent control of complaints handling



This regulation aims at describing the complaints handling rules of Tőkeportál Zrt., including the principles and processes, as well as the definition of the tasks of employees involved.

1. The process of complaints handling

The complaints handling model of Tokeportal.hu is centralised, which means that complaints shall be primarily handled locally.

Each complaint shall be recorded in a register, which has been created specifically for this purpose.

The official place of storage of the complaints is the registered seat of Tőkeportál Zrt.

2.1. Eligibility and recording

Any Complainant shall be given the opportunity to file her complaint in writing or in person and each Complainant shall be identified according to the principles mentioned below.

A Complainant may be:

  • any User
  • any person who uses the services of Tokeportal.hu.

Complainants may file their complaints either by filling out the form at Tokeportal.hu or by sending a message at the official e-mail address of Tokeportal.hu, by postal mail or in person.

Tőkeportál Zrt. notifies the Complainant about its position regarding the complaint and an explanation within 30 calendar days from receiving the complaint, by a registered postal mail.

The following data shall be recorded in the central register:

  • Personal data of Complainant (name, address, contact data)
  • Complaint
  • Responsible person
  • Description of the procedure.

2.2. Prioritisation

Any complaints, which have been filed orally to Tőkeportál Zrt., shall be investigated right away in compliance with the legislative provisions on complaints handling, and handled with due skill, care and diligence, by immediately involving professional systems or experts.

Complaints shall be recorded in the central register, irrespective of immediate investigation, in order to obtain as much information as possible on the subject and content of complaints filed to Tőkeportál Zrt.

Tőkeportál Zrt. responds to the complaints according to its internal regulation, which may not occur on a ‘first come first served’ basis, so that complaints that incur larger losses as well as those cases when further harm shall be prevented, might be handled earlier.

2.3. Investigation

The colleague responsible for complaints handling is liable to investigate and to respond – fully and to the best of his knowledge – to the complaint of the Complainant regarding the service or any omission of Tőkeportál Zrt.

Complaints are investigated in compliance with the internal regulations of Tőkeportál Zrt. In case the Complainant files his complaint in person, each claim shall be recorded in a report.

Establishing a position:

Based on the available information, the investigator decides whether the complaint of the Complainant is well-founded, unfounded or appreciated. In case a complaint includes several problems, the well-foundedness of each problem shall be investigated.

The complaint is well-founded, if there is a clear evidence of mistake or omission on Tokeportal.hu’s side, i.e. if the Complainant did not receive that service, of which he has been informed by Tőkeportál Zrt. on the website www.tokeportal.hu.

The complaint is unfounded if it doesn’t have demonstrable grounds but the allegations of the Complainant are justified; i.e. the Complainant did not receive the expected service but did receive that service, of which he has been informed by Tőkeportál Zrt.

The complaint is appreciated if it is unfounded from a legal point of view but Tőkeportál Zrt. acts fairly due to ethical reasons or business interest.

In case a complaint is well-founded or appreciated, the need and amount of compensation to the Complainant shall be investigated.

The cases of receiving compensation are governed by the Terms and Conditions.

2. Closure of complaint

Complaints shall possibly be closed within 30 calendar days.

The responses to the complaints shall include the measures taken to investigate, settle or resolve the complaint and the reason for rejection if the complaint is rejected. The justification shall be accurate, clear and comprehensible. In case the response refers to a contractual clause, then the referred section shall be cited.

The date of complaint shall be registered in the central register. Both the complaint and the response shall be archived.

3. Subsequent control of complaints handling

Tőkeportál Zrt. shall take subsequent control measures in order to ensure that complaints have been handled appropriately and within the given time frame. The colleague responsible for administration checks the complaints handling measures and responses.

The colleague responsible for administration exerts special control measures in order to ensure that the internal regulations are suitable for appropriate complaints handling. Furthermore, this colleague continuously analyses the causes of complaints in order to filter out such processes, which require corrective action.