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Invest in a Green future!

Currently we have two projects in Ready to be phase, one 2.5 MWp project in Hungary and one 1 MWp project in Italy. To utilize the experience that we have acquired in the energy sector, we have been dealing with the operation of electric car chargers  since 2020.

So, besides the production of solar power, we are also selling electricity through electric car chargers for the EV owners.

In 2023, we've generated 7,600 MWh of electricity, our income reached HUF 456 million.

Our company, Sarkcsillag Holding, owned by a Hungarian family, has specialized in implementing and managing power plant projects since 2015. We are so proud that we are operating 9 solar power plants with a total capacity of 6,5 MWp.

In 2023 our revenue has reached 456 million HUF with  7.600 MWh produced energy.

Charging Stations for Electric Cars

One of our biggest pride, that our network is currently one of the biggest, 100% Hungarian-owned charging infrastructure in Hungary. In this network, there are more than 100 charging points in operation. Our company is also dealing with the sales and installation of charging stations.

Our charging network plays an important role in the development of the domestic charging infrastructure and it is among the most popular charging networks, in numbers this  means the followings:

Our goal is to develop both of our business units and expand in Hungary and in Italy as well.

Now, you can be one of our Co-owner in a 0.5 MWh, guaranteed profit-generator power plant.

Be part of the spreading of renewable energy!

With a 50.000 HUF investment now you can be a solar power plant Co-owner –  with a moderated risk and a predictable dividend. In our campaign, we are looking for a capital of 90 – 150 million HUF for our expansion plan.

Why should you invest in renewable energy?

Environmental protection

With your investment, you can contribute to the fight against climate change.


Solar power, just like wind power, are  infinite resources that never run out, ensuring long-term operation.


Thanks to the guaranteed purchase price, it offers a stable revenue.


These types of investments can be an alternative choice to diversify your portfolio.

Our Team

Norbert Szűcs

CEO, 10 years experience in project management in the solar sector


Péter Lengyel

CFO, over 30  years of experience in banking, corporate finance, interim management


Ivett Hajnal-Bukor

Company executive.


Ádám Hegedűs

Sales manager


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