Questions & Answers

Basic definitions

Types of crowdfunding

There are two broad platform-based crowdfunding categories, within which two-two types are distinguished. Not regulated (self-regulatory) types of crowdfunding: In case of donation-based crowdfunding, in order to realize a social or business project, the project owner turns to the crowd for support, in exchange for which the donors do not…

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What is Tokeportal.com?

Tokeportal.com is the first Hungarian equity-based crowdfunding portal, where companies in need of capital can present their online Campaigns (in compliance with the international best practices as well as with the regulatory provisions) to prospective crowd investors (a broad range of individual and institutional investors). After passing the scoring process,…

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When do we consider a Campaign successful?

In case of an All-or-Nothing (AoN) model only Campaigns reaching their entire Funding Target are considered successful. If a Campaign does not reach its Funding Target, then it is considered unsuccessful and investors get back the invested amount. From an investor’s point of view, this model is more attractive, because…

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Which regulatory provisions shall crowdfunding comply with?

Considerable measures have been taken by the European Union in order to lay down the foundations of an efficient Capital Markets Union (CMU Action Plan).The Regulation on European Crowdfunding Service Providers is expected to be approved by the European Council soon.Several Member States introduced a national regulation on crowdfunding. The…

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For entrepreneurs

What kind of business model or company is suitable for crowdfunding and in which case it is the most beneficial form of raising capital?

Successful Campaign Initiator companies have 4 main characteristics. Companies are not required to meet all of them, but one should make the best effort to comply with these aspects. Historical performance (traction, validation): Early-phase companies are rarely able to raise capital right at their start. For such projects the donation-based…

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For investors

Investment in the campaigns

Once your investor profile has been validated, you can browse the investment opportunities. With a validated profile you can have access to further functions at the webpage of the campaign. You can pose questions directly to the Campaign Initiator and you can download the disclosed documents. If you find a…

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Registration at the portal

In order to be entitled to create a campaign or invest, and to access specific information on the platform, one needs to register and validate his/her profile first. The registration and identification processes take only a few minutes. You can register with your e-mail address, Facebook- or LinkedIn-account. In order…

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Setting your investor profile

On our portal you can choose from four different profile types. The ideal profile type for you depends on whether you would like to invest as an individual or an institution. We require different documents and information from each type of profile for validation. You can read about these in…

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Who can be a crowd investor and what does crowd investing mean? What is the minimum investible amount and when shall an investor pay?

Any identified person of legal age can invest in crowdfunding campaigns, who accepted the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy of the portal. One’s investment may equal the minimum investible amount (which is determined in the Term sheet) or any multiple of it. The minimum investible amount…

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