pledges in the value of more than 1 million HUF
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Many players of the economy have made pledges in order to offset the negative effects of the COVID pandemic and the quarantine. The Crowd Capital Indicator operated by tokeportal.hu measures the publicly offered donations and services every day since 28th February 2020 and evaluates them in accordance with its disclosed methodology. They contacted the donors and publish numerous interviews about the pledges.

The majority of the 604 donors are for-profit ventures, but there are also some exemplary co-operations of civil organisations and corporations. Examples for such co-operations are the one between Gyermekhíd Foundation and Uniqua or the one between the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Telekom Hungary and Samsung Hungary. The purpose of these co-operations was to provide underprivileged children with digital devices.
Dozens of individuals and self-employed professionals have made their pledge to help the fight against the pandemic. Among them Judit Varga, the Minister of Justice of Hungary supported the Foundation for the Patients, Doctors and Employees of the Szent László and Szent István Hospitals. Moreover, famous sportsmen made their pledge: Dániel Gyurta, Katinka Hosszú, Anita Görbicz, Norbert Michelisz. We even know about taxi drivers who provided free transportation for healthcare professionals.


The startup ecosystem has taken its share of the pledges:

  • Talk-a-bot made its crisis communication software free.
  • BOOKR Suli made available its interactive reading comprehension and competence development exercises for more than 100 mandatory or recommended readings.
  • HozdL charges no fee for its transportation services in order to ease the shopping of pensioners.
  • Likey provides 25% discount on the price of its fruit and vegetable snacks in case of online shopping.

We have found pledges from almost every industries of the private sector. We disclose all of them at felajanlasmero.hu  and highlight some of them below.

  • A couple of insurance companies have taken their share of the fight against the pandemic: we have found examples for free insurance and tangible gifts as well.
  • The purpose of the initiative „Plan B” is to connect employers with such individuals who lost their job due to the pandemic.
  • Several companies started to produce disinfection products, such as MOL or Heineken.
  • MedInnoScan application provides free dermatological distance consultations. The analysis is done by the Dermatological Clinic of Semmelweis University. The user receives the results by e-mail within 72 hours.
  • The fans of Fradi and Diósgyőr organised a digital football game. HUF 5 million was collected as “entrance fees”, which the organisers donated to healthcare service providers.
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Besides financial aid, free software and applications appear in the greatest value.

There were high-value pledges related to education, moreover, many companies and individuals offered online services (development of websites, platforms, telemedicine services, IT services, advertisements and research). Many donated protective equipment and other products to hospitals.

The first pledge of HUF 50 million has grown to a total value of HUF 10 billion over 3 months in 600 steps.

Nearly half of the pledges are online or offline services (e.g. consultancy or transportation), in the value of HUF 4.3 billion. Nearly 40% of the pledges constitute financial aid, in the value of HUF 3.76 billion, offered mostly to hospitals and other health service providers. Tangible gifts (e.g. protective equipment) form 20% of the pledges.