On day 0 of this year’s Startup Safari, June 10th, 2024 the focus is on the ecosystem. Day 0 is organized by Impact Hub Budapest and TokePortal.com. Join us because, besides the panel discussions, a pitch competition awaits you. Also, you will learn more about the key elements of sustainable development of the startup ecosystem: incubation and crowdfunding.

Startup Safari Tokeportal



15:00-15:05 - Opening remark: Beatrix Bedő

15:05-15:30 - Keynote: The mission of Impact Hub Budapest

15:30-16:30 - Panel: What does Impact Investing means?

Moderator: Tamas Muller (pozi.io)

Barbara Vero (futureproof consulting)

Beatrix Bedo

16:30-16:50 - Keynote #2: Philantrophy and Incusivity in investing

Szabolcs Szakacsits – Philantrophe Investor of the year 2023

16:50-17:20 - Panel #2: Why should I use crowdfunding?


17:20-17:35 - Keynote #3: Banking services for SMB's

Istvan Fetter (CIB Bank)

17:35-18:15 - Panel #3: What does financial literacy means?

Istvan Fetter (CIB Bank)

Peter Oszko (Oxo Holding)

Gyorgy Vuray (Vállalkozás Okosan)

18:15-19:15 - Impact and inclusive startup pitch competition

Beatrix Bedo

Krisztián Berecz

Peter Oszko

Szabolcs Szakacsits

19:15-19:25 - Closing

Nora Szeles (TokePortal.com)



Beatrix Bedo

Barbara Vero

Istvan Fetter

Krisztian Berecz


Peter Oszko


Szabolcs Szakacsits

György Vuray

Nora Szeles


What this event is about?

The conference addresses the current problems of the CEE region, especially of course that of Hungary, and draws a picture of its SWOT in order to bring the participants to a common platform and thus initiate action.

Who is it for?

Startups, scaleups, future startups, institutional and crowd investors, policymakers, regulators, media, students.

How much does the tickets cost?

With early bird offers starting on the 9th of October for the first 50 tickets, it starts at EUR 25,5 and then rises to EUR 65. For your ticket, you are offered full catering all through the day, and participation.

How can I get in touch with the organizers?

Do not hesitate to contact us at ecosystem@tokeportal.com