Dr. Farkas Bársony

“As a global corporate leader, I realized how important it would be to redirect corporate advertising spending towards social causes. That’s why we created Sharity, which connects corporate campaigns with nonprofit campaigns in a way that the nonprofit receives support in exchange for ad views. The corporation simultaneously fulfills its commercial and sustainability (ESG) goals, and the user turns their views into money which goes to their chosen nonprofit. The success of our model is validated by 110 campaigns so far, which more than 22,000 users have watched over, thereby raising approximately 8 million HUF(€20 200) for the causes of nonprofits that launched campaigns with us and whom we carefully vetted. This is how we turn commercial goals into social impact.”


Dr. Arnold Bujdosó

“As a nonprofit lawyer, I dedicated my career to supporting the development of social-purpose nonprofits. I joined Farkas because Sharity is the first European platform that is legally and practically effective in supporting the increasingly crucial sustainability goals.”

Our achievements since our launch

22,000+ users

More than 100 foundations have successfully raised 8 million HU (€20,200)

14 nationally known ambassadors represent our cause

How does Sharity work?

Sharity connects corporations with nonprofits and people:

  • We contract with corporations to offer a donation budget for civil organizations, which they target to their chosen charitable areas (in line with their corporate sustainability goals) and also publish an ad through a separate advertising contract. Users determine where the donation budget goes by viewing the ads.

  • We contact nonprofits through social media and civil information service centers. After registration, they mobilize people to watch the ads through the creatives we provide, as well as their social media and personal connections.

  • People get in touch with Sharity through civil organizations, our ambassadors, and social media. After registration, they can support their favorite organizations by viewing campaign videos and making card payments.

More than just donations

How can you donate using Sharity?

·         Sending money donations in a transparent, traceable way without commission

·         Activities: e.g., watching educational ad videos or sharing market research information

·         Shopping: Choosing products and services of Sharity partners

Thus, Sharity is not just a simple donation channel but a community where everyone can help in their chosen way, even without money.

We can use the power of advertising for good causes.

We reduce the unbearable ecological footprint of the advertising industry. To counteract the encouragement of overconsumption, we associate an impact effect with it. Sharity stands for impact marketing, advertising that has an immediate, measurable positive social and environmental impact due to built-in donations and also encourages positive change in its content.

Introduction of the Sharity Transparency Standard

The introduction of the Sharity Transparency Standard ensures the complete transparency and traceability of donations – all this digitally and automatically in line with ESG values.

With Sharity, donors can find out how their support advances the work of the selected civil organizations, exactly what expenses it was used for, and what results were achieved.

Sharity Community Space

Sharity also functions as a community space where community members can help their favorite civil organizations with their time. Active users can also encourage others to participate in various forms of donation and volunteer work. Statistics support the idea that a stranger is willing to offer some help if it doesn’t cost them money, perhaps only some of their time. The impact is amplified if they can do it in just 30 seconds with a phone in their hand, without any other obligations.

However, Sharity’s operation is not just based on this willingness, but it has developed a reward system that provides a motivational tool for mobilizing local communities, bringing good causes closer to previously passive members of the population. How? We motivate help with automated digital coupons, prizes, and shopping discounts.

Sharity as a New Format Crowdfunding Platform encourages people to view advertisements of companies that contribute measurably to solving social and environmental problems. The measurable data are made available to the companies, which can use them in complying with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) requirements (impact measurement). This is important not only for companies but also for any organization seeking funding or investment (impact investment or finance).

Sharity is a platform where every donation counts and every form of support matters.

In this video, we demonstrate how the three target groups work together: the user, the civil organization, and the advertising company.

According to our solid financial plan, by the end of the fifth year:

Over 600,000 users,

500 civil organizations,

75 ambassadors,

An expected revenue of 1.8 billion HUF (€ 4 548 360)

Become a co-owner with us and invest in a better future!

Meeting of Technology and Philanthropy

Sharity uniquely combines the latest technologies with the world of social responsibility, offering a platform where donations are transparent and traceable. Investors can become part of a pioneering initiative that has the potential to transform the functioning of the charity sector and lead the digitalization of fundraising.

Impact measurement

Investing in Sharity offers not just financial returns, but also the opportunity to initiate positive social changes. Through the platform, investors can contribute measurably to reducing social inequalities, improving the quality of life for the needy, and participate in building a future where technology serves people.

Market Potential

Sharity’s innovative approach and technological foundation enable it to enjoy the advantage of being an early mover in a market where donations and charity support are increasingly shifting online. This presents a unique opportunity for investors to share in this growth potential while promoting the spread of user-friendly and effective methods of donation.

With an investment of as little as 50,000 HUF (€120), you can become our co-owner – with moderate risk and predictable dividend payments.

In our campaign, we are seeking 100 – 150 million HUF(€ 252 700 – 380 000) in capital for the realization of our development plans and our entry into the international market.


Why You Should Join the Sharity Impact Investors?

Digital impact marketing is a young but rapidly growing market segment internationally, with few players, while the legal environment and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) expectations are increasingly directing market participants in this direction. In Hungary, and indeed in the region, there is no known similar solution, so we can be among the first entrants in the market.


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