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2022/10/12 14:00:00

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Tickets and Location:


A38 restaurant

1117 Budapest, Petőfi bridge – Buda side



12/10/2022 14:00 – 24:00


Parking by car

You can park your car in the large car park on Pázmány Péter promenade, in front of the ELTE building, or on the lower quay, 100 metres south of the A38 boat, on the side of the retaining wall, on the pavement towards the Rákóczi Bridge.



In person: 9990 HUF (SOLD OUT!)

(The price include: catering, welcome drink and the party)

If you join us online: 990 HUF

For the first time, a hybrid event for startup stakeholders where all players count.
The even may have English panels. If you can’t attend in person, we recommend a streaming ticket.

Why you should join us:


Opening speech from the organizers

Keynote speech

Keynote speech from the main sponsor of the event

Summary speech from the organizers


What makes a good idea and a good team?

How to sell your product? – Relationship with your first customers and investors

Growing pains: the challenges of scaling

Exit: The art of letting go


Our goal is to build a strong community in the Hungarian Startup Ecosystem.

Catering & Party

We ensure the comfort of all attendees therefore, ticket price includes catering and networking at the after party.

Moderation and host:

ecosystem festival_hild imre_moderátor és házigazda

Imre Hild

Global Traction


Ecosystem Festival_balogh petya_cápák között

Petya Balogh


ökoszisztéma festivál_Bártfai Péter_startitup

Peter Bartfai

StartITup Győr

okoszisztema fesztival_benke akos_ifka

Akos Benke

IFKA, Focus Ventures

ecosystem festival_berkovics-dalma_mome

Dalma Berkovics


ecosystem festival_biás csongor_startup hungary

Csongor Bias

Startup Hungary

Ecosystem Festival_bodnár zsigmond_facekom

Zsigmond Bodnar


ökoszisztéma fesztivál_czirják lászló_ieurope_

Laszlo Czirjak

iEurope Capital

Ecosystem Festival_csécsi adrián_hunban_

Adrian Csecsi


ecosystem festival_csillik timur_nabu

Timur Csillik


Ecosystem Festival_deliága ákos_ivsz_talk a bot

Akos Deliaga

IVSZ, Talk-a-bot

ecosystem festival_eszter elemér_impact ventures

Elemér Eszter

Impact Ventures

Ecosystem Festival_fáykiss péter_mnb innovation hub

Peter Faykiss

MNB Innovation Hub

ecosystem festival_Fetter István_CIB Bank

Istvan Fetter

CIB Bank

ecosystem festival_gödrösy balázs_GFS Consulting

Balazs Godrosy

GFS Consulting

Ecosystem Festival_gyarmati józsef_startup maffia

Jozsef Gyarmati

Startup Maffia

Ecosystem Festival_hradszki laszlo_hiventures

Hradszki László

Hiventures Venture

Ecosystem Festival_horváth balázs_startup grind

Balazs Horvath

Startup Grind

ökoszisztéma fesztivál_Incze Kinga_mediaspace

Kinga Incze

Ecosystem Festival_jakab kitti_lunar inkubátor

Kitti Jakab

Lunar Program Inkubátor

ecosystem festival_Jared Schrieber_Revolution Robotics Foundation

Jared Schrieber

Revolution Robotics Foundation

Ecosystem Festival_karagich bálint_HYA

Balint Karagich

Hungarian Youth Association

Ecosystem Festival_kovács péter_gobal startup awards

Peter Kovacs

Global Startup Awards

Ecosystem Festival_kovács

Roland Kovacs

Ecosystem Festival_kozma andrea_ceu innovationlab

dr. Kozma Andrea

CEU InnovationsLab

ecosystem festival_kölkedi krisztián_hsup

Krisztian Kolkedi

HSUP, Express Innovation Agency

ökoszisztéma fesztivál_Mary Alcantara_mkb fintechlab

Mary Alcantara

MKB Fintechlab

Ecosystem Festival_pirityi Soma_HYA

Soma Pirityi

Hungarian Youth Association

Ecosystem Festival_suppan márton_peak financial

Marton Suppan

Peak Financial Services

Ecosystem Festival_szakacsits szabolcs_tuxera

Szabolcs Szakacsits

Tuxera, HunBAN

ecosystem festival_szanto-gabor_amazon

Gabor Szanto


Ecosystem Festival_szeles nóra_tőkeportál

Nora Szeles


ecosystem festival_vardy-zoltan_the-launch-code_

Zoltan Vardy

The Launch Code

Ecosystem Festival_verő barbara_future proof c

Barbara Vero

Future Proof Consulting

Ecosystem Festival_zsembery levente_x ventures

Levente Zsembery


Main sponsor of the event:

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  • Arrival (14:00 - 14:30)

    Please arrive at the event venue no later than 14:30.

  • Keynote speeches (14:30 - 15:00)

    • Keynote 1: Szabolcs Szakacsits, founder of Tuxera: Angel Investing and M&A experiences through the eyes of a returnee
    • Keynote 2: Balázs Horváth, Head of Startup Grind Hungary: What we can learn from foreign ecosystem builders
    • Keynote 3: Imre Hild, Global Traction: The successful ecosystem
  • Panel 1: What does it take to get a good idea to market? (15:00 - 16:00)


    • Timur Csillik
    • Kinga Incze
    • Peter Bartfai
    • Peter Kovacs
    • Krisztian Kolkedi
    • Mary Alcantara
  • Video playback: recorded conversation with Deep Ecosystem (16:00 - 16:15)

  • Keynote speech (16:15 - 16:25)

    • Nóra Szeles, CEO of Tokeportal: start-ups vs. excuse-makers in the domestic capital market
  • Panel 2: The challenges of building relationships and raising capital, the ``startup-dns`` (16:25 - 17:25)


    • Petya Balogh
    • Csongor Bias
    • Laszlo Jonas
    • Laszlo Hradszki
    • Elemer Eszter
    • Roland Kovacs
  • Keynote speeches (17:35 - 18:00)

    • Kitti Jakab, Lunar Program Incubator: the innovative mindset
    • Video playback- Global Class interview
    • Soma Pirityi and Bálint Karagich: HYA
  • Panel 3: Growth pains: international market access and scalability (18:00 - 19:00)


    • Laszlo Czirjak
    • Akos Deliaga
    • Zoltan Vardy
    • Barbara Vero
    • Dalma Berkovics
    • Marton Suppan
  • Keynote speeches (19:05 - 19:15)

    • Péter Fáykiss: What does the MNB Innovation Hub offer to startups?
    • Krisztián Berecz: The SEON story and lessons for emerging startups
  • Panel 4: Exit strategy (in English): good luck or hard work? Domestic opportunities and international dreams (19:15 - 20:15)


    • Zsigmond Bodnar
    • Jared Schrieber
    • Gabor Szanto
    • dr. Andrea Kozma
    • Levente Zsembery
    • Istvan Fetter
  • Imre Hild: Conclusion and the way forward: a summary of key ideas (20:30 - 21:00)

  • Networking and PARTY (21:00 - 24:00)

DJ of the party:

Yeromos (Petőfi Rádió)
ecosystem festival_yeromos_dj_petőfi rádió

Our aim is to have a real, tangible outcome to the event, not just another networking event!


If you have any questions, please contact us at